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Amazing True Stories

from the No Kid Hungry campaign

Your donation helps Share Our Strength recruit summer meals sites, start and improve school breakfast programs, and teach families how to shop for and prepare healthy meals on a budget. It also helps provide grants to the most innovative hunger-fighting organizations across the country so that they can purchase food and supplies. We're seeing incredible results from these investments - in many places, just $1 can help a child access 10 meals.



More Amazing True Stories

Why are we so certain that we can end childhood hunger in America? Because we’re already doing it! Thanks to you, big wins are changing the story of childhood hunger in America. This is what happens when dedicated individuals like you decide that kids shouldn’t be hungry.  

107 Million Meals & Counting

Since the No Kid Hungry campaign’s launch we’ve connected kids struggling with hunger with more than 107 million additional meals. How did we do it? By working with our incredible partners and investing in practical solutions to end hunger. We’re feeding more kids every day, making sure they have the food they need to learn and grow. Schools are making breakfast part of the school day with the help of No Kid Hungry; we’ve successfully advocated for breakthrough policy changes to feed more children; and we’re finding new ways to reach kids with meals during the summer everywhere from major cities like New York City to the rural Appalachian hill country. No matter the time of day, or time of year, we’re there for kids without enough food at home. 107 million isn’t just a number – it’s a sign of the transformational change we’re making for kids all across America, and even in your backyard. 

Colorado Signs “Breakfast After the Bell” into Law

The Colorado No Kid Hungry campaign scored a legislative victory in 2013 when Governor John Hickenlooper – a partner in the campaign along with Share Our Strength and Hunger Free Colorado – signed the Breakfast After the Bell Nutrition Program into law. The law requires schools with a high percentage of students receiving free or reduced-price meals to offer breakfast after the bell to all students, meaning that students have an opportunity to eat breakfast as part of the school day. Breakfast will expand in 360 schools, giving as many as 40,000 additional kids access to breakfast beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

Team No Kid Hungry Rallies to Advocate for Hungry Kids

Hungry kids don’t always get to have a voice on Capitol Hill, but they do have Team No Kid Hungry on their side. As Congress has moved forward with the process of authorizing the Farm Bill, Team No Kid Hungry has emerged as a powerful force, speaking about the importance of protecting SNAP (formerly food stamps), our nation’s most effective tool for combating childhood hunger, and SNAP-Ed, which provides families with important nutrition education programs. You took the pledge to help – and when we needed you most, you delivered! Together, we flooded Congress with an estimated 40,000 emails and calls in 2013 alone, and on our Capitol Hill Advocacy Day, Team No Kid Hungry supporters met with nearly 100 Congressional offices. We also saw letters to the editor from No Kid Hungry advocates across the country, letting your communities know the importance protecting SNAP. In these ways and more, Team No Kid Hungry is living up to its promise to stand up and speak out for kids who can’t always speak for themselves. 

One of the nation’s largest school districts introduces universal breakfast

Dallas Independent School District is one of the 15 largest school districts in the country, with more than 158,000 students. Though nearly 90% of these students qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, the District recognized that too few kids were eating breakfast. In conjunction with the No Kid Hungry campaign and Texas Hunger Initiative, the District has set an ambitious goal: bring universal breakfast to all 158,000 students, every single day. The rollout of the program is underway and the District is already serving nearly 13,000 more breakfasts each day, or an additional 2 million more breakfasts each year – and we expect even higher numbers this year.

Bringing Solutions to Every Community

To spread effective solutions to every community in America, we created the No Kid Hungry Center For Best Practices, quickly establishing it as the go-to resource for those working to end childhood hunger across the country. The Center provides the latest in best practices for ending childhood hunger, including toolkits, case studies and hands-on technical assistance. The resources are free and available for anyone, and the special materials tailored to elected officials and their staffs, educators and community leaders have been accessed more than 33,000 times by individuals in all 50 states.

Powerful New Voices Fight for Our Nation’s Children

No Kid Hungry spokesperson Jeff Bridges joined us at both the Democratic and Republican Presidential nominating conventions to raise awareness of childhood hunger with our nation’s leaders and make sure that America’s most vulnerable children would not be forgotten after the elections. Hunger is a bipartisan problem with a bipartisan solution, and Jeff helped spread the message of No Kid Hungry to influential policy-makers and media personalities.

Driving Innovation Through the No Kid Hungry Network

Share Our Strength awarded over 1,000 grants to local organizations across the country in 2012 to help connect kids facing hunger to healthy food in their homes and communities. We’re working with the most innovative organizations in all 50 states to find local solutions to childhood hunger, and we're then taking those learnings and applying them to our work across the country.

An entire city changes the way it feeds its hungriest children

In early 2012, then Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a partner of the Los Angeles No Kid Hungry campaign, announced that breakfast would become a part of the school day for every child so that all children can start the day ready to learn. The Los Angeles No Kid Hungry campaign and the California Food Policy Advocates are working closely with the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education to rollout the program. Already, millions of healthy breakfasts have been served in classrooms across the city. By the end of the 2012-2013 school year, the Los Angeles Unified School District had served 9.5 million more breakfasts. That’s an 89% increase in breakfast participation. Each day, more than 193,000 kids in nearly 10,000 classrooms start the morning with a healthy breakfast in the classroom. Once fully implemented, this change in delivery is expected to reach over 400,000 kids in need.

100,000 Families Empowered to End Hunger at Home

Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters program recently graduated its 100,000th six-week course participant – that's 100,000 families who have been empowered with the skills to shop for and cook healthy meals on a budget so they can provide nutritious home cooked meals to their families. And our grocery store tours that that help families stretch their limited food dollars expanded by five-fold in 2012. Together, these programs reached 32,000 low-income families in 46 states last year.

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